Life Experiences You Will Remember

Imagine taking in the colors, sounds, and perfumes of a sunset by the sea, with your camera on a tripod, while a professional photographer advises you on how to take the picture of your dreams.

Imagine discussing the experiences and the photos of the day in front of a tasty, traditional dinner and a bottle of wine, after the sun has set, with your fellow students and your instructor.

This is what I offer you: a comprehensive experience that combines sightseeing, photography, and savouring the soul of a place through its culture, language, and cuisine. Experience unforgettable sights and take it all home to relive again and again, in the stunning images I will help you capture.

Ugo Cei Photography Tours

Explore New Destinations

I take great care in organizing itineraries that allow my guests to see and photograph the best of what each destination has to offer. We stay at comfortable hotels that lie close to the most beautiful photo spots, so that we can get there at the best times of the day, without having to travel for too many hours.

I like to include in my tours visits to the most iconic locations as well as some off-the-beaten-path places. This ensures that your photos will be unique.

My photo tours and workshops are created specifically for photographers. These are not just regular tourist tours wrapped up as photography tours. Every itinerary is designed to give you the most opportunities to capture photos to be proud of.

Stop and Smell the Roses

A photo tour should not be an endless pursuit of the perfect photo and not everyone enjoys the same level of activity. Some people like conversation with a glass of wine or a cup of tea in hand. Others relish being outdoors as long as there is light, long hikes and the sense of accomplishment that comes from arriving at a distant location in time for the perfect sunset.

Chureito Pagoda, Mt. Fuji and red maple tree
Having a spritz in Varenna, Lake Como

While some tours I organize are more intense and strenuous than other, I believe our bodies and our minds need relaxation. I make sure to organize every day so that there is time to have experiences that are not only visual. I want you to bring home not only a string of pictures, but also memories of the tastes, the voices of people, the music, the smells, and everything that makes a place and its culture unique.

Depending on your preferences, you can decide to join a very relaxing retreat in a villa nestled in the countryside of Tuscany or follow the footpaths at the edge of the most beautiful mountains in the world, breathe the atmosphere of a big city or immerse yourself in the wilderness, explore the hidden corners of a historical city or crisscross a country steeped in tradition on a network of futuristic trains. here there is a tour for every type of person.

Make New Friends

French Riviera Landscape Photography Workshop students

Memorable experiences can become life-changing when they are shared with a group of people who share a common passion.

We travel in small groups and that not only ensures that you get a lot of attention from your tour leaders, but also that you have a chance to make new friends for life. The sense of camaraderie that arises during one of my tours is for me one of the best rewards.

That said, if you'd rather be on your own, with a spouse, partner or close friend, I also organize private tours on demand and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why Choose Me?

If you decide to join one of my tours, you will discover a friendly and approachable person who travels for the love of photography and photographs for the love of travel.

I won't claim I am an award-winning photographer. In fact, I almost never enter photography competitions. Photography to me is a liberating experience that allows me to express my inner creative urges. I am most happy when I can share that feeling with someone else.

For many years, I have pursued a career in the software industry. Software development might seem like a dreary job, but it's actually one of the most creative endeavors one can take in the world of technology: You start from a rough idea and you create something incredibly complex. where all the pieces fit and work together like magic.

This experience has taught me to work harmoniously and respectfully with teams. The myth of the lone software developer is just a myth. Software development nowadays is conducted in the open. Everybody who is part of a team shares their findings and their knowledge freely and openly.

I took this took this approach over to photo tours and workshops. My guests and students tell me I'm very generous and willing to share everything that I've learned.

Workshop group, Stazione Centrale, Milano

Tour or Workshop?

Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinner

What is the difference between a photo tour and a workshop?

A possible distinction is that a photo tour usually involves visiting different locations and staying in different cities, whereas a workshop is more often held in a single location.

That is not always the case, though. Another thing that sets apart workshops and tours is the fact that the former involve a substantial amount of time dedicated to formal teaching, in the classroom or in the field.

The purpose of a tour, on the other hand, is to let the guests experience beautiful scenes and emotional moments, camera in hand. Therefore, we maximize the time spent photographing and formal instruction takes the back seat.

That doesn't mean there are no opportunities to learn during a tour. In fact, when you are touring with me, I'll teach you many of the artistic skills you'll need to become a great photographer. My students tell me I have great knowledge about all aspects of photography, and that I'm generous sharing this with each student individually. I'm also patient. And always available to help.

In both cases, quality accommodations, great food and wine are just part of the experience you'll enjoy when you travel with me. You can get all of this in some amazing locations all across the world.

I lead tours and workshops at various times of the year. Below you can find a list of all the events I have planned for the near future. Click on each of the titles to get more information about them.

I love to travel. I'm sure you do too. We'll both share the best of what we create together.

Choose Your Next Destination

Passionate Street and Urban Photography in Milan

Piazza Duomo, Milano
  • Where: Milan, Italy
  • When: April 21-26, 2024
  • Who: Ugo Cei and Steve Simon
  • Type: Workshop

Scotland Landscape Photography Masterclass

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Where: Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye
  • When: April 28 - May 5, 2024
  • Who: Ugo Cei
  • Type: Workshop (itinerating)

Best of Northern Italy

Santa Maddalena, Val di Funes / Villnoßtal
  • Where: Milan, Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice, Dolomites, Lake Como
  • When: May 20 - June 2, 2024
  • Who: Ugo Cei in collaboration with M&M Photo Tours
  • Type: Luxury Tour

Venice and the Magic of Carnival

Venice Carnival Mask
  • Where: Venice, Italy
  • When: February 24 - March 2, 2025
  • Who: Ugo Cei and Marisa D'Alessandro
  • Type: Luxury Tour

Wild Horses of Cappadocia

Cappadocia Wild Horses Photo Tour
  • Where: Cappadocia, Turkey
  • When: Summer or Fall 2025
  • Who: Ugo Cei and Nuri Çorbacıoğlu
  • Type: Tour

Heart of Italy

San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
  • Where: Rome, Tuscany, Umbria
  • When: September 1-10, 2025
  • Who: Ugo Cei
  • Type: Luxury Tour

Best of Southern Italy

The Temple of Concordia, Valley of Temples, Sicily
  • Where: Apulia and Sicily
  • When: Seprtember 12-24, 2025
  • Who: Ugo Cei in collaboration with M&M Photo Tours
  • Type: Luxury Tour

Dolomites Landscape Masterclass

Passo Giau
  • Where: Italian Dolomites
  • When: October 12-19, 2025
  • Who: Ugo Cei and Andy Bitterer
  • Type: Workshop

Private Tours On Demand

Would you like to spend a weekend in a fabulous location, taking photos with the assistance of a professional photographer, on a date of your choice?

Let’s say you are traveling to Italy and would like to include the Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Lake Como or some other beautiful destinations in your itinerary. I have tours planned at various times of the year, but maybe you only have a couple days to spare and the dates don’t match.

If that is your case, I’ve got you covered!

I lead on-demand weekend photo tours of the areas mentioned above (and of other areas on request) where you will be accompanied by me personally. I will bring you to the best spots at the best times and teach you how to get those amazing photos you’ve always dreamed of taking.

Enquire here about your private tour.

Virtual Photo Tours

No time or budget to attend a workshop now? Your available dates do not coincide with the scheduled ones? Do you still want to receive instruction and make the most of a location? Now you can attend one of my Virtual Photo Tours from the comfort of your own home. 

Some testimonials from previous guests of my tours

Gail Ginder Healdsburg, CA

My husband and I did a workshop with Ugo in Cinque Terre. It was fantastic. Ugo is not only a great photographer, but he is generous with his knowledge, and he offers a great workshop. The group was international, which made the experience even richer.

Vera and Bernie Hershenberg New Jersey

When researching a private photography tour to Sicily, we came upon Ugo's website. His gorgeous landscapes and obvious artistic talent compelled us to inquire further. Ugo was extremely responsive to our questions. His English is superb and we quickly were able to come up with dates for a 10 day tour. He spent countless hours planning the itinerary and reserving the B&B's at which we would stay. Prior to the start of the trip, Ugo asked if we would mind if his wife joined us. Of course we said yes, so the 4 of us embarked on a journey around Sicily. We photographed ruins, countless churches, people on the street, sunrises and sunsets. We also had delicious meals together, drank negroni's and sang in the car as we drove from town to town. Not only is Ugo a very talented photographer he is a wealth of information (history, languages, music, food...). He is a true Renaissance Man. Our trip with Ugo and Marilena was special. In the short time together we became friends. Plus we came away with wonderful images and memories. What more can you ask?

Patsy Latscha Newport Beach, CA

I had a wonderful experience in Venice with Ugo. I learned new things while enjoying the wonderful city. I have some special needs which he was able to accommodate perfectly. I highly recommend his company for photo tours.

Chris Lord New York City, NY

Thoroughly enjoyed the recent workshop in Venice. The Carnival is a wonderful event to photograph as is the fantastical city of Venice. Ugo got us to all the right places at the right times for an incredible photography experience. Certainly a top recommendation!

Kerri Clark Canberra, Australia

After two photo tours with Ugo in Italy, I cannot recommend the experience highly enough – the local knowledge of Italy, partnered with photographic expertise and guidance made for an extremely rewarding photo tour! Ugo guides and mentors you according to your skills, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced enthusiast. I have come away with greater understanding of the craft and confidence to build my skill set. I am inspired to continue my learning journey to create beautiful images. Thank you Ugo!!!

Murray Silver Jr. Savannah, Georgia

An "Experience", not a vacation. A "journey", not a tour. I've pushed film before but I've never been pushed out of my comfort zone in search of photographs that cannot be obtained otherwise. We put in 19-hour days to take full advantage of Scot sunlight in late May...and it was worth every minute.

Judith Pannozo Racine, WI

What an extraordinary experience to participate in a photography tour and workshop with Ugo Cei Photography Tours, in Venice, Italy during the Venice Carnival. His knowledge of Venice along with the right place to be at the right time made this perfect. Add to that his technical and lighting knowledge and then to top it off the perfect local eateries and local interests. It was days full from daylight to evening at a manageable pace with likeminded new international friends. So glad I took the leap and participated.

David Bernal USA

I attended a Carnevale in Venice workshop with Ugo and had a wonderful experience. With Ugo's knowledge of Venice and Carnevale, he was able to put us in great locations with dozens of models and a few occasions with private shoots where only the people in the workshop were able to photograph the models. If attending Carnevale in Venice is on your bucket list, as it was on mine, then attending Ugo's workshop is highly recommended. You will be totally satisfied after the first day!

Sherry Benjamins Los Angeles, CA

Imagine having an opportunity to photograph some of the most incredible locations and people in the world’s most romantic city, Venice. And, during Carnevale! It was wonderful in every way. From the first email with Ugo, I could tell he was a caring, highly professional and experienced photographer and tour guide for us. He knew this city well and shared a lot before we were there.

I am so glad we chose Ugo and it was very special – my husband is still talking about it. There was so much to learn and interspersed with seeing a boat builder (gondolas), meeting the only professional puppet maker in Venice – and seeing how glass jewelry is made. Photo shoots were morning and night – you have to appreciate and be patient with the models. They are stunning.

The food also was wonderful – Ugo knew the best places. The group was small and allowed for intimate discussion and ease. We are so grateful for a truly immersive and learning experience in a magical city.

Karin Vasseur Mouans-Sartoux, France

Wonderful Weekend in the French Riviera with Ugo who shared his knowledge about photography with us. Learned so many interesting things. Will do it again!

Lisa DeRea Monaco

Spent a great weekend with Ugo Cei and Pia Parolin at their "Weekend on the French Riviera" workshop. Learned great tips from Ugo and had a fun time photographing in the Nice outdoor market, along the Promenade des Anglais seaside and in the winding narrow streets of Nice. Highly recommended!!

Cristina Piva São Paulo, Brazil

To travel and work with Ugo is a delight. He is resourceful and knows his destination, so no matter what weather awaits you, Ugo will always suggest a way to make the most of the day. He is energetic, non-stop, productive. A travel/work experience with Ugo motivates you to become a better photographer. Must mention that he is very fun company, and loves good food!

Frederick Fenyvessy San Antonio, TX

Amazing photography tour in Venice. Ugo is both a great teacher and guide. I attend multiple photo tours/workshops every year and this is one that will go into my "I really want to travel with Ugo again". Great balance between photo time and free time - and he allowed me to see a side of Venice which I missed in previous trips. It being Carnival - he placed us in a great position to create images, provided timely and creative feedback and made the entire experience not only fun but a deeply creative experience.

Sharon K. Philpott Oregon

I booked 2 days with Ugo for photography for a trip to the Dolomites that I was planning with my husband. Ugo was very responsive during the planning of the trip. He was also very flexible for our shooting locations and our general plan which helped me with my travel logistics. We went to some great photo locations in the Dolomites and he showed me some amazing areas that I had never seen before. He clearly knows the area and where to go. I’m very glad I spent those days with Ugo - I would not have made it to those sites on my own. I highly recommend booking a trip with Ugo.

Diana Hatfield Denver, CO

I have done 3 photo tours with 3 different guides and locations, this has been the best of the three. Ugo was definitely the best of the three guides. His attention to detail with setting the scene and location with models, suggestions on camera settings were helpful for me, a novice with portrait photography. I would definitely recommend any tour with Ugo, he is an excellent photographer willing to share his knowledge, experience and secrets of special places he knows to make the entire photography experience a lifetime memory.

Funda Inceer Istanbul, Turkey

We had an unforgettable weekend with Ugo in Cinque Terre. He took us around the 5 villages and showed us the good vantage points for photography and gave us very useful tips. I went home with beautiful photos. Highly recommended.

Glen Zalkin St. Augustine, FL

My wife and I just returned home from the trip of a lifetime with Ugo and Mike Gulbraa. 7 cities in 15 days photographing the most amazing places in Italy! Ugo was the perfect Italian host and photography pro! Can't say enough about how great he was. Looking forward to touring with him again. Recommend VERY highly

Arthur Wolkovier Sao Paulo, Brazil

It was a great joy to participate at the Ugo Cei workshop in Venice.

A pleasant, kind and generous person, always ready to share his knowledge about the Venice and carnival. The organization was impeccable, the sessions with the models was done in a very professional way, the tours around the city were incredible. He knows every corner of this charming city. My wife and I came back with 5,000 extraordinary photos. An incredible experience, I recommend!

If I could I would give 6 stars!

Susan Higgins Flickinger Verona, WI

My husband and I were fortunate to travel on Ugo Cei's photography trip to Oman. The country itself is an undiscovered treasure, filled with nature and welcoming people. Traveling with Ugo was a pure pleasure. He offered us a thoroughly researched itinerary and lots of photographic guidance. We shot portraits, landscapes, markets and all manner of subjects and Ugo was always there to offer tips. Do yourself a favor and try out one of his workshops!

Peter Wade Sydney, Australia

As I was spending my vacation in the Dolomites I arranged a one day private workshop with Ugo. Although I was a four hour drive from Ugo's home base he willingly made the journey — even though he was heading off to Barcelona first thing the next morning for another commitment. 

Not having any transport or knowledge of the best locations to shoot having someone like Ugo was fantastic — and when you add his knowledge of photography and ability to impart that to his pupil it all added up to an outstanding day. 

I recommend Ugo without reservation.

Lynda Rubin Greenberg Toronto, Canada

Ugo was a wonderful teacher and host in Venice at last years’ Carnival. He takes all the time you need to get your shot and to help with the camera settings when needed! Ugo was very generous and took us out for dinner two times, beginning and end of the workshop. And, he’s fun to be with!!

Scott Gilbertson Slupsk, Poland

We had a fantastic three-day private tour in Val d’Orcia with Ugo. Easy-going and knowledgeable, he filled each day with opportunities to make beautiful photographs, from the iconic cypress trees to the winding roads to the picturesque towns. From sunrise to sunset, he ensured we were in a great location to make beautiful photographs. As an unexpected bonus, he also knows many great places for lunch and dinner. If you want to make photographs in Val d’Orcia, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, choose Ugo as your guide. You’ll be glad you did.

Sharon Jackson Gold Coast, Australia

If you are planning to travel and love photography at any level Ugo can plan a personal tour to fit in with your itinerary! He has a wealth of knowledge to share with you on any subject of photography. Apart from photography (my passion) Ugo provides a total travel experience looking at Italy through the eyes of a local. A life changing trip leaving me totally hooked to book another! Thank you Ugo and yes I will be returning my dilemma is choosing a destination.

Manolo Roxas Manila, Philippines

I contacted Ugo for a private two day tour of Cinque Terre. He immediately responded and we met up in Monterosso. Ugo is an easy going and likeable guy and, as can be seen in his website, a good photographer. He knows Cinque Terre very well since he lives nearby and has conducted several tours in the area. If you have only a few days in Cinque Terre, it makes great sense to contact Ugo and he can take you right away to the good spots and at the right time of the day. I had a great time with Ugo in Cinque Terre and would recommend taking his tours.

Dianne Bortoletto Perth, Australia

Engaging Ugo for a private photography mentoring weekend helped improve my landscape photography, and gave me an unforgettable experience in Tuscany. He took me to places I'd never have found on my own. He also has the patience of a saint and he never made me feel silly for asking him basic questions. A weekend I'll never forget.