Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World of Travel

Right now, travel options are severely limited or non-existent for most of us, but we're all looking forward to a future time when we'll be able to travel again.

While some countries are already reopening their borders, there's a lot of uncertainty about exactly when this will happen globally and in which ways.

What is not uncertain is that we will have to adapt to new rules and pay attention to things we used to take for granted. People's desires and attitudes will also likely shift. I personally believe there will be a post-pandemic boom of travel, with lots of people wanting to hit the road again, after having been locked down for months. Maybe now is the time to start planning your travels for the months ahead.

I've personally never been a fan of mass tourism and crowded places. All of the tours I organize are designed for small groups or individuals and I usually try to go off the beaten path as much as possible. This will not change. In fact, it will become even more of a signature element of the tours I offer.

Some things here are going to change, though.

One thing I am working on is offering tours that are less about seeing as many places as possible and more about taking it slowly and savoring the hidden gems a region has to offer. 

You will probably start seeing more tours of a small region that don't entail any changes of accommodation at all. Imagine staying at a luxury villa in the countryside and taking short trips to the surroundings. No daily packing and unpacking of luggage, no long transfers on buses or public transport. We might even have a private chef cooking delicious meals for us every evening. Imagine having conversations about photography over a nice glass of wine.

I will also be expanding my offering of private tours. I know some people cherish the company of other photographers, the sense of camaraderie and the new friendships that can be found on a group tour. At this moment in history, however, you might feel safer meeting as few strangers as possible. If that's the case, those private tours are for you. You can be alone, with a spouse or partner, or with a small group of trusted friends. We can work this out!

These are all considerations I am doing in my own head and I realize I might be making assumptions about what you really want. Assumptions that might not be realistic at all. There is only one way of making sure I am doing the right thing to satisfy your desires and that is asking you directly.

This is your unique opportunity to define the characteristics of future tours on this website. All I am asking is that you complete the survey below. It's completely anonymous and I would be truly grateful if you decided to spend 5 minutes of your time to respond. I am doing this to meet your needs and ensure your experiences are exactly how you want them to be.

Of course, if you'd rather want to have a direct connection with me, feel free to email me your questions and suggestions. You can write to or use the contact form on this website.

Hoping to see you on a future tour.

Thank you,